Moving On

Do you ever feel the need to reread a chapter, fully grasp every detail, practice it, practice it some more, keep practicing until it becomes one of your life skills, and then read it a third perhaps fourth time before you move onto the next chapter?

I do.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve made an entry but it’s been time well spent. Redirecting your thoughts is no easy feat, but with each victory I feel a world of difference. The more I am aware of this rabbit hole of nonsense aka my [negative] thoughts, my doubts, my broken record, my inner critic, my inner child, the more I am compassionate towards other people. I am so glad to have picked up this philosophy of attraction and cannot wait to move on to the next chapter.

With nothing but positive vibes to send out to the inter webs and the Universe  I want to wish everyone a very happy belated New Year! May everyone realize their truths and live them as much as they can.